Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letters Home #2

Hi Girls,

Our first full day in Hawaii was really nice, although it started a bit rough. We got our snorkel gear and headed right out. I quickly realized that my motion sickness was going to cause a big problem with snorkeling. I loved the 10 minutes I had in the water, but it took 3 hours to feel better. I was pretty disappointed since I was so excited to learn to snorkel, but I enjoyed sitting on the beach and relaxing. Daddy did much better and snorkeled at 2 different beaches. It was pretty tricky to get good photos but here are a few, including the sea turtles we found on Poi'Pu beach. Luckily they were close to shore so I could wade into the water to see them too.

I had my first shaved ice and it was DELICIOUS! I am sure I will have a few more while we are here. We also had a yummy dinner and drove around exploring more of the island.

Have a great day. Love you bunches and miss you tons!

Mom and Dad


katy said...

Lisa, You go above and beyond for your girls! I love Kaui. That is where Bryce and I got engaged. We did a wonderful hike on the Nepali Coast. I highly recommend it. Also there is a Japanese restaurant with a garden in the middle and the tables are low to the ground. It is really cool. I'm sure if you described it, someone would tell you where it is. Also, be sure to try the Li Hing Mui powder on your shave ice. Adds a zip! Have a wonderful trip!! Looks amazing.

Anonymous said...

hi mom and dad,
I knew it was a sea turtle! I'm glad you were able to wade in the water, mom. What did you see when you were snorkeling, Dad?
Miss you bunches.
Love, Madison
Hi Mom, Hi Dad,
I finally know how to make one of those cool stars! School was great today!
Love you bunches and bunches,
From Nora