Wednesday, October 20, 2010

Letters Home #1

Dear Madison and Nora,
We arrived in Kauai and it is beautiful. It was quite the change from leaving home at 40 degrees and foggy to arriving here where it was 85 degrees and sunny. Most of yesterday was spent in airports and on airplanes. Here is the view from the plane as we were getting ready to land.
We were up very early this morning, since 5:00 Hawaii time is 8:00 our regular time. We were able to walk out to the beach and watch the sunrise.

We are hoping to try out snorkeling today and investigate a few different beaches. I am also hoping to have my first taste of shaved ice. Hope you have a wonderful time at the Halloween party today. I am sure Karin is going to have some delicous treats!!
Love you bunches,
Mom and Dad

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Anonymous said...

Hi mom and dad,
the haloween party was U bunches
Love Nora
I'm glad you got to Kauia:)(smily face)I miss you:( Take lots of good pictures snorkeling.
Love, Maddie