Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mud Bowl 2010

End of the season game for Nora was wet, cold and MUDDY!!! It is so funny to watch different kids' reactions to when they fall in the mud. Some become paralyzed, others cry, Nora just pops up and keeps on running!! She had a great season, with fabulous coaches and really impressed us with her hustle and focus on the game. Soccer season is always fun, but we are also very happy when it is over to have some freedom in our schedules.
Madison has a very late afternoon game still. It should be very cold and rainy but luckily she plays on artifical turf so the mud factor will be eliminated. We are hoping it will be dark enough to play under the lights for the last game. She has really improved over the second half of the season. We are very proud of her progress and hustle. Their entire team has improved dramatically over the season, which was fun to watch.


Amy said...

Love that last picture of Nora! And I like the new look to the blog, your pictures really pop on it.

Anonymous said...

Nora could be the perfect poster child for having fun with sports. Love the mud-spattered grin! Great shot, Lisa.