Sunday, October 31, 2010

Halloween Fun

The trick or treating gang. It is always funner with friends (and no rain helps too:-)
After reading The Wizard of Oz, Madison decided she was going to be Dorothy for Halloween last spring and in typical Madison fashion she did not waiver from that decision once. Nora on the other hand a tougher time deciding. But when she discovered that our neighbors were decorating their house in a Wizard of Oz theme she decided to be Glenda the Good Witch.
So nice to have a perfect photo shoot right across the street!
There's no place like home!
Beware of the Flying Monkeys!!
Oh dear, what have I done?
Tom and I had some Halloween fun on Saturday with 2 great parties. I am definitely NOT meant to be a blonde:-)


ANDREA said...

Super cute pictures!

Amy said...

I love all the Wizard of Oz stuff you got to use for your pictures! Especially the one with the red slippers sticking out from under the house. The girls look so cute:)