Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving Feast

A feast for four at the Kimmet house this year. Though with the amount of food we had we could have fed double that. Especially considering that the two youngest family members aren't big fans of most of the food for this meal. Though I have to say, they did much better this year than in years past, so there is hope for them eating a real Thanksgiving meal in their future!
Madison was very helpful in the kitchen this year as my Sous Chef. She assisted with the cranberry sauce, homemade rolls and stuffing along with helping with table setting duties. It was fun to work on the meal together. She also was kind enough to venture outside to feed the birds their Thanksgiving meal. We have been keeping them well fed during our cold-spell and have quite the flock depending on us now. Here she is modeling the latest in chef fashion (pj's, robe and apron all together in one ensemble, along with daddy's crocs).
We had wonderful dinner conversations and must have been at the table for over an hour chatting and reminiscing. At one point Nora had us all rolling with laughter over her quoting a Geico commercial. Madison had made some lovely, one-of-a-kind name cards for each family member and I added some conversation starters to the back. Here are some of the questions and answers for my memory keeping.
Favorite Place:
N - Grandma's House (BOTH grandma's she said!)
M- Bookstores and library
L - ANY ocean beach
T - Basketball court
Future Wishes
N - To have all the same teachers as Madison
M - To have a good job when I grow up
We also had a nice discussion on all that we are thankful for and how lucky we are. We moved that into a conversation of really focusing on GIVING this holiday season. I am hoping to putting the emphasis on this over the next month through homemade gifts, charitable donations that the girls actively participate in and I am hoping to find a hands-on volunteer activity that we can participate in as a family. I am brainstorming ways to document these through the season as a way to keep our minds and hearts on what is important instead of what we are getting or doing (though I am sure there will be plenty of that too.....).


Karin Deti said...

sounds like a perfect day for you guys. you're table looked so pretty.

Anonymous said...

I can't tell you often enough what a wonderful Mom you are and what a fabulous foundation that you and Tom are giving your girls. Our thanks list always starts with you 4. Peggy