Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Sunday afternoon we started getting snow flurries and the girls and I were hoping for a big snow to start the winter off!! Got a little by Monday morning but not enough to make changes to the start of the day. And THEN it all began getting serious later in the morning and I began to regret wishing for the white stuff. Very long story but I can sum it up with saying I got the van stuck on the hill up to our house and Nora had an hour plus bus ride. After 2 hours of stress we finally made it home and got to start enjoying the snow like we had hoped. And I really can't complain about my 2 hours of stress since I know many people whose 30 minute commutes home lasted over 9 hours sitting on I-5 last night. I can't even imagine.

I think the highlight of the night was eating dinner with candlelight so we can get a better view of the blizzard conditions outside (well, for Seattle it seemed like a blizzard!).

Then this morning we woke to a true winter wonderland, complete with sub 20 degree temps! I was able to keep the girls indoors until 9:00 and then there was no containing the excitement any longer!! They had a great time in the backyard and then sledding on the neighbor's hill. They lasted a good 2 hours before the cold finally got the best of them (and me!).
Micah LOVES the snow!! She acts like a puppy when she gets out in it.

We are looking forward to a fun winter and gearing up to enjoy it all!!

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