Sunday, January 30, 2011

January ReCap

The last day of January is here so I figure I better catch up with things on the blogging world. I have started up "Project 365" for this year again so I will share some of my favorites from this month to give a glimpse on what we have been up to. Prepare yourself for photo overload!

Working on Staying Warm at the start of the month

My New Scrapbooking Buddy
Increasing my workout routine
Last week was my best week yet with 2 swims, 3 runs and one outdoor ride. Still need to up it a bit more but it is a good start for January.
Doing the mundane day to day stuff
Matching socks
Learning dishwashing skills from the master
Piano Fun
We have all been enjoying our "new piano" (brought it back from Montana at Christmas, it was my childhood piano). Madison is enjoying playing the few songs she knows and is looking forward to starting lessons. She enjoys holding "concerts" for us complete with admission tickets. Tom is transferring his musical knowledge to the ivory. I am dusting off my skills and find it very relaxing to sit down and play a few songs. And Nora enjoys singing along and playing chopsticks!
Madison has started her first season of basketball and is making good progress but there is ALOT to learn! I think Tom and I are having many flashbacks to our playing days. I know the first game she had when I walked into the school gym, the smells and sounds brought back a rush of memories.
Fort Building
I am becoming a master fort builder as Nora requests one almost everyday after school. I build them in whichever room I am working in and then she sets it up with lunch, comfort items, books, toys and coloring items. She can often spend the rest of the afternoon in them. The key to good fort building? Tom's woodworking clamps from his workbench. Daisy Club
Madison has started a little craft club with a group of friends. We had our first meeting this week and each girl made their own sewing kit complete with pincushion and needle book.
Mad Science
Madison has been studying chemistry at school and this has spurred lots of expirements in the bathroom
Ooh - La - La Nail Spa Cupcake Decorating
I LOVE this cake decorating tool that Madison got for Christmas so much that I bought a second one. It makes treat decorating very easy for the girls with very nice results.
New Reader
Nora is really transforming into a reader and it is so fun to watch. It is a much different process than it was for Madison and it is great to see and hear her progress.
I am obviously in a bit of a blogging funk lately. Not sure where this blog is heading or what my future plans are with it. I have been at this for almost 3 years now and am not feeling too inspired. I have lots of posts started in my head and even a few started on the computer but just don't feel energized to get them completed. It may be a bit of January blues so we will see what happens in the next month. Not sure if anyone but my mom is missing my posts, so I dedicate this one to her:-)


Anonymous said...

Phil and I read your posts regularly, too, so it's not just the grandmas who read it. But I totally understand the blogging blues - that is why Phil took over for me. Just know we enjoy whatever you post, whenever you find time to do it. [joey]

Holly said...

I love your posts, Lisa. Keep 'em coming! (The bathroom pedicure picture was my favorite.)

Heather said...

I've missed your posts too! Love the recap. I need to learn how to make better forts - got to get those clamps! :-)

Anonymous said...

We enjoy all of them. Whenever you can do them. Just please don't stop!! This was a wonderful 'sneak peek' into everyday regular life. Thank you. Love Nora's forts and Maddy's tickets of admission to the piano recitals. I'll be going back to them often. Peggy

Amy said...

Funny, I have been in a blogging funk too. Notice it has been since Jan. 10 for me, and now I am just somewhat overwhelmed of where to begin! Let's not give up though:)