Saturday, February 26, 2011

Cooking Plan

I am loving my new Our Best Bites cookbook that arrived yesterday. It fits all of my criteria for a good cookbook: LOTS of photos, special tutorials to help me learn new cooking tips and techniques, easy and practical family-friendly recipes and lots of yummy treats. I also like the fact that it has a hardbound cover but is spiral bound to stay open while sitting on the counter. I will say that many of the recipes may not fit under the healthy, low-fat/calorie menu plan but there are some and nothing wrong with an occasional splurge. Most of the recipes in the book can be found on their website but I enjoy having the nice pretty cookbook to leaf through instead of the ugly printed papers that scatter across my counter so often.

So after having the cooking blahs for quite sometime, I am now energized for a full week of cooking meals and treats. Here is what I have planned and I just returned from the store with all the necessary supplies. Links to recipes on the blog by clicking on the photos. Photos and recipes courtesy of Our Best Bites.

Baked Creamy Chicken Taquitos

Smoky Bean Soup with Ham and Bacon

Hot Fudge Sauce

Guiltless Alfredo Sauce

French Dip Sandwiches

Fauxtisserie Chicken

Cadbury Egg Cookies

Cheesy Garlic Swirls

Streusel-Topped Blueberry Muffins

I made these last week, but am making another batch as a thank-you for someone at school

Also on the plan are a few new recipes in the book that aren't on their blog: Stuffed Apple Cinnamon Rolls, Cranberry Orange Chicken Salad and Pineapple Ginger Flank Steak.
I will return at the end of the week to give a review of the recipes.


Holly said...

Oh my goodness, Lisa! Those cadberry cream eggs are my favorite thing about Easter...going to have to give those a try!

ANDREA said...

Do not like cad berry eggs but excited to here how everything is.

Lisa said...

FYI gals - NOT the cream filled cadberry eggs. Those are horrible! It is the solid milk chocolate mini-eggs. Now those are fabulous:-)

Anonymous said...

Oh it all looks wonderful. Making good food is such a celebration of all the good things in our lives. Have fun! Peggy

Sara said...

Wow! You are going to be cookin' up a storm! That's a lot of new recipes for one week! I might have to get that cookbook for myself. My fave cookbook is from, but it doesn't have pictures. Excited to see how these turn out for you!

Erin said...

Lisa, I am drooling over the best bites blog. You may have created a monster . . . a cookie monster that is. Did you see the orange ginger white chocolate dipped cookies! Yum!

Sara @ Our Best Bites said...

You're so awesome! Thanks for sharing the links, I love it!