Monday, February 14, 2011

Princess Birthday Cake

Nora found a photo of this cake 9 months ago and declared it WOULD be her birthday cake. I have had it taped to the inside door of a cupboard since then to make sure not to lose it. She stood firm on her princess themed party, though it changed from a princess tea party to a princess pool party in the last stages of planning. So after 8+ years of being a mommy to girls and escaping all things princessy I had to step up to the plate and create a pink, sparkly castle cake. And I have to admit that it wasn't that bad:-)

I think the best part about the cake was the pink "glittery" turrets. I found the pink cake cones and then regual sugar cones. To get the needed sparkle factor I warmed karo syrp and brushed it onto the sugar cones and then rolled them in pink sugar. I used a coarser decorating sugar and colored it with powdered "cherry pink" food coloring.
Then I baked 3 circle cakes of large, medium and small sizes.
I then stacked and frosted the cakes.
Then to add the the final touches I added the towers and an assortment of candy. My only disappointment was I had gotten bubble gum tape to edge each layer. But I didn't pay attention to my frosting coloring and the 2 pinks were so similar that there was no contrast betweent the two and I couldn't even tell the tape was there so I removed it.


Karin Deti said...

Supercute Lisa! Loved it! Enjoy all this little girly schtuff because soon enough they'll be on to other things that aren't so cute like princess cakes!

katy said...

the ice cream cone inside an ice cream cone is so clever! Beautiful cake!

ANDREA said...


Anonymous said...

I like the step by step explanation. It all makes sense when you showed how you dido it. I still think it took a little bit of magic to finish it up. Peggy