Saturday, April 30, 2011

Good-bye Old Friend

It was a good 6 years you gave us with many memories. Close to 70,000 miles with adventures to Lake Tahoe, Yellowstone Park, all over Montana, many camping excursions, the beach, the mountains and more. And then of course all the smaller drives to gymnastics, soccer, school, grocery runs, zoo..... I don't want to mini-van bash because you were a great all-purpose vehicle that served our needs well with the little ones. The power sliding doors will definitely be missed and I am sure there will be moments when I am missing all the space you provided. But now I find myself in the car alone so much more of the time and I am DONE being a mini-van mom. So thank you for your years of loyal service, never letting us down even the time we were driving up the mountain with the gas tank on empty and no gas station in sight. But it is time to say Fairwell and for you to fill your seats with a new family.

And now I will keep my loyal readers (if there are any) in suspense with what will be replacing you in the garage. At this moment I am awaiting a call saying it is detailed and ready to go. And I am not being very patient about it, about ready to call and start harassing them. I want it NOW!!! But for now I have a loaner getting me around. So what do you think it will be? A sporty little convertible, a huge SUV or maybe a hybrid? No fair guessing if I all ready told you!


katy said...

A station wagon. A VW, maybe a Passat or a Subaru. Those are my guesses. Congrats on a new car, how exciting!

Heather said...

I think some kind of hybrid. :)

Anonymous said...

That didn't take long. Thought maybe you might rethink things for a while. Congratulations!

ANDREA said...

Sad!! :)