Thursday, April 28, 2011

Easter Review

Having a hard time keeping up with everything at the moment, but wanted to get some fun Easter photos posted before it was too late. It was a typical holiday for us - quiet and laid back with good food and lots of relaxing time. It was great to have the grandparents in town to spend the day with us. Even though the weather was a bit questionable we had the egg hunt outside and spread it all around the front, side and back yard. I have to say that we have a very good set-up for Easter Eggs Hunts here and maybe next year we will have a fun hunt with friends, if the weather would cooperate.

Every Easter Bunny leaves a detailed, itemized list for the kids on what to find. Right???

Or do we have the only obsessive-compulsive Easter Bunny in town?
Madison on the lookout for eggs

Thanks Mr. Woodpecker for the perfect hiding spots:-)

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Amy said...

Cute pictures, I love that one of Madison - she looks so old!!