Thursday, June 16, 2011

Afternoons with Nora

It has hit me like a two ton brick this week that my world will be changing sooner than I want. For the past 3 years Nora and I have had most afternoons (and many mornings before this year) to spend together while Madison was off being scholarly. Nora made these times so easy and enjoyable for me. She plays on her own for long periods of time and gets wrapped up in her little games and characters. She also was amazingly patient being drug to more than her fair share of meetings, classroom activities, appointments and errands. And we had fun with art projects, baking, reading, games and so much more. Overall, she was just a fantastic little companion who filled my days with joy. All of that comes to an end after next Monday. No longer will I have hours to spend with just her. She will join the big kid crowd going to school full day in September. The next few days are full with the end of the year activities so today was our last day to really cherish the time and I let Nora be in charge. She choose a picnic at Lake Wilderness with a Jamba Juice pickup on the way there. We had a great time playing at the playground and in the creek. Then we headed home for some quality arts and crafts time and book reading. If I had it my way I would freeze her age right here and have her be a kindergarten student forever. But I guess that just isn't possible. So I will cherish the moments and memories and enjoy the journey that is in store for us. But I will definitely miss my years as a Stay At Home Mom with kids at home with me. But this next phase of life I am entering is a post(or two or three) for another day. I will leave you now with some fun photo memories of our day out.


Amy said...

Ah, so sweet to remember your alone time with Nora! It's weird to think about our little girls going to school all day. Something about Hailey having lunch without me always makes me sad... just another stage to pass through:)

Anonymous said...

I'm so glad you've treasured all these moments, and kept such a good record of them. So few children have what you and Tom have given to these two: riches beyond compare. Peggy

Heather said...

So sweet to look back and a little exciting to a new season! Enjoy the Summer!