Sunday, June 12, 2011

Birthday Wrap-Up

The birthday celebrations are all done and I think it was a successful week of fun. Between piano recital, 3rd/4th grade pirate musical, grandma coming to town, Dairy Queen birthday treats and the slumber party it was a full week of celebrating Madison. We still have here drama club performance this week and then I think all the special events are wrapped up. So hard to believe that she is nine and it is definitely bittersweet. She is turning into a wonderful young lady, but at the same time I see how she doesn't need her mommy as much as she used to. Definitely getting to the age of autonomy, and I know it will only get worse. But watching her grow up is a great gift too!!

Some photo highlights of Madison's week

Mini-Battle of the Book Champions The Word Wizards

First Piano Recital Performance Pirate Musical
New Roller Blades (and pads:-)
New bike with 21 gears and handbrakes!

Happy Birthday Madison!

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Anonymous said...

Great pictures and a fun recap of the week. Yes, she is growing up. It's fun to see that. Thanks for keeping us caught up. Peggy