Tuesday, October 25, 2011

Pumpkin Patch x 2

The girls and I took advantage of the gorgeous sunny weather and the early release day at school to fit our pumpkin patch trip in. I was a bit worried that we may not make it this year. Between soccer Saturdays, rainy days and regular old life getting in the way it almost passed us by. And what is better than one pumpkin patch visit? TWO pumpkin patches in the same day. We took a longer trek to visit a patch that had more activities for the kids to do which was lots of fun but the pumpkin selection was almost non-existent so we had to stop by our little local patch for a better selection of pumpkins. No more words needed, just plenty of photo-ops!


Anonymous said...

Beautiful! By the time I got home, Ron had snagged a couple of those photos for our iPhoto album. We were showing off pictures of the girls last weekend on the iPad, and discovered that we needed nmore recent pictures. Voila! Thank you.

naomef said...

So much fun