Tuesday, November 1, 2011

Halloween at Hogwarts

Tom has been reading the Harry Potter series to the girls.  They just finished book #2.  So far they have only seen the first movie but I am sure more are to follow.  We try to have the rule that the book has to be read before seeing most movies made from books.  Anyways... the girls are enjoying the series immensely and decided many months ago they were going in Harry Potter themed costumes.  Madison's decision was quick and easy as she has been told more than once she resembles Hermione.  The costume for her was store bought and easy this year. 

Nora's decision took a bit longer to decide on.  At first she was going to be Crookshanks, Hermione's cat.  I was a bit fearful of taking on this costume and didn't think it had much of a "cute" factor.  Eventually Nora settled on Hedwig, Harry's owl.  I found some inspiration online and the costume making began.  Nora helped select all the materials.  I thought a colorful owl would be fun, but she insisted on staying true to the book so a snowy owl it would be.  We got lots of white, grey and silver materials to piece the costume together.  It thrills me that my girls are eager and willing to have "mommy made costumes" and I think we will look back on those photos with fond memories even if they may not be the most perfect of costumes. To say may sewing skills are sub-par would be a compliment but I had fun making the costume. I was pleased with the dress and Nora was thrilled with the winged cape.  The hat didn't turn out as I had envisioned but we went with it.  A few people called her a chicken, some got the owl and many didn't bother guessing and just asked.   We did come across some true HP fans who right away said Hedwig.

The day was nonstop partying!!  I think the girls are in one of the few schools left in the county that allows full on Halloween parties with costumes at school.  Many of the staff wear costumes all day and get very festive.  It was a bit odd for me this year to not be in charge of either of the parties but they were fun and it is good to give up control(or that is what I try to tell myself!) The only thing I contributed were sliced apples for Nora's party.  Madison and her best bud did make these adorable Mallow Monsters for all 28 of their classmates.  Super cute!!

Then we were off to Kent Station for some trick or treat.  I will admit that my motives for going were to get some decent photos in the daylight hours with good backdrops, the girls saw it as more loot for their bags.  We met Tom for dinner in attempts of getting something of nutritional value into the girls for the day.

Finally we made our way home to add a few layers and back out for another 2 hours of trick or treating with friends before crashing into bed for the night.  I have to say the Halloween was never that big of deal to me growing up, that I can remember and I would never have considered it in the top running for favorite holidays but the past few years it has been climbing the charts.  The girls are at the perfect age for costume decisions and trick or treating.  And we have started going out with friends for the evening festivities that have really added to the enjoyment.  The girls are all ready starting to come up with costume ideas for next year.


Heather said...

So cute! You and your girls are creative!!

Phil Kriz said...

Awesome costumes! I would have given you the whole candy jar!

Phil K

Anonymous said...

Oh Wow! Madison looks like she just stepped out of Hogwarts. And Nora's costume is just wonderful. Not a bit like a chicken. It all sounds just so special. About half of my teachers dressed for the day. Always fun for us to have an excuse to be crazy.

Amy said...

I love it! Nora is adorable as the owl, and I am super impressed that you made that.