Friday, February 10, 2012

12 on 10 Birthday Edition

(Nothing like a birthday to get a person out of a blogging slump.  Let's see if it continues past this weekend!!)
Breakfast in bed with homemade cinnamon rolls

A bit of a rush job on the cake-pops this morning

A brief reprieve from the rain allowed for a fun photo shoot

And tree climbing

And scootering

A little quiet time for everyone
Nora said that getting her report card on her birthday was a great gift!!

Nora's dinner choice: steak, homemade rolls and honey butter, tossed salad and melon

Present time

The final gift suprise from daddy!  Now we all mountain bikes and Novara brand like any good REI family should.  And Nora finally has a bike that isn't a hand-me-down.

Birthday Ice Cream

My gift was matching jammies for Nora and May along with a lunch trip to the AG store that we will take on Sunday.

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Anonymous said...

Oh, thank you. We needed to see these. Helps when we are so far away. Loved the expression on Madison's face when they saw the bike. Peggy