Friday, February 17, 2012

American Girl Outings

Grandma Margie was in town for Nora's birthday so we celebrated on Sunday by taking the girls on a special outing to the American Girl store.  That is quite the experience!!  It was a bit overwhelming for the girls, especially Nora, to make choices.  This was especially true since they were spending their own hard earned money and wanted to make sure they made the best choice possible.  Both girls got the dolls' ears pierced and then chose a new outfit for the dolls.  Very fitting of the girls - Madison chose a track suit and Nora a pretty party dress.

We also enjoyed a fun birthday lunch in the Bistro.  The food was better than what I had anticapted and they certainly make the kids feel special and include the dolls in everything.  If you plan to go on the weekend, make sure to get reservations!  I saw many very disappointed little girls and parents who expected to come in and get seated with none and were turned away.

Overall it was a fun experience that was good for a special occasion outing.  I have to say these dolls are quite the hit in our household.  I wasn't too sure when the girls started requesting them but they LOVE them and I really like the fact that they are being so creative and imaginative with them.  And must admit that I am a bit hooked myself:-)

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Andrea said...

so so so fun! can't wait to go. we are going to a dolly and me tea party this afternoon. :)