Monday, April 7, 2008

Reading time

It is no secret that we love to read and I love to see links to books on other people's blogs so I thought I should add my own. This is the current selection of what our family has been reading. M is devouring the Weather Fairy series. She brought one home from the library yesterday afternoon and promptly went to her room and didn't come out until she was done reading it. At the same time T was finishing up his current read "Three Cups of Tea". N is pretty happy with anything and doesn't seem to have a current favorite but seemed to enjoy this squirrel book from the library. As long as you are reading she is satisfied, though I am sure she would appreciate any flamingo book recommendations you could provide since she is a bit obsessed as of late. ME???? I wish I could say that I have been reading some deep and meaningful novels, but NOPE that isn't happening lately. My head has been buried in the Super Science book as of late coming up with some fun activities to keep us entertained over spring break (stay tuned for photos and directions of some of our favorites!) And I have enjoyed the Sister Grimm series but need to find time to move on past the second. I find anymore that juvenille literature suits me better since they are a quicker read, yet you can still find some great story lines. Plus, I find it difficult to make my way over to the adult world of the library and I can usually navigate myself to grab one of the highlighted books in the sections for the older kids as M searches for as many Magic School Bus books that she can torture me with for this week.

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