Thursday, August 28, 2008

Sneak Peek

Okay, we can't leave Madison out. She got to go to her school for a sneak peek into her first grade classroom. First thing we had to do was walk up to the front doors to take a look at the class assignments to find out who her teacher was. I was on the fence about having a preference so I can't say if I am happy or not. I know that Madison will do well in either classroom and this teacher has alot of experience and is great with classroom management so I am sure it will be a good experience for us. It was difficult to see that some of her good friends are in the other class and both Madison and I had a few sad moments but I quickly reminded her how much she will get to see them at recess and we can do lots of playdates. It is amazing how emotional you can feel about school.
The thing Madison seemed most excited about is her own desk! When I said I was going to take her picture she had me wait until she could pose with pulling the book out of the desk. ADORABLE.

I am feeling very emotional about the start of first grade. It is seeming even harder than last year with kindergarten. I think the fact that she will be gone ALL DAY is tough to accept but I suppose I have to learn to let go. I know she will do great but I also know Nora and I are going to miss her alot.

Madison and I got a special Mommy and Maddy day out on Tuesday. It is very rare that we have done things without Nora so this was very special. We shopped for her first day of school outfit and then went to the American Girl Kit Kittredge movie, which she loved since she has been reading all the books. And we ended the day with ice cream, what could be better than that?

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Anonymous said...

My daughter started 1st grade this year too and although she did have all day kindergarten last year I still felt all emotional this year. They are getting to big too fast!