Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Happy Halloween Part 1

We will be having a week of Halloween Festivities in our household. It all kicked off this past Saturday with a double dose of parties. Madison had a wild and crazy party with 21 second graders at a classmate's house. To say the parents went all out is a huge exaggeration. It seemed like a huge success!
Then it was on to the adult Halloween party. This is always a highlight for us. Our neighbor's Peggy and Sandy also go ALL OUT for Halloween and this year was no exception. Their decorations are amazing with the crowning touch this year being the Exorcist remake in the courtyard. They must work on this stuff all year!
We have a few calm days and then THREE parties on Friday (Nora's class, Madison's class and evening school dance) before the trick or treating craziness on Saturday. Throw in 2 soccer games and an end of the year soccer party and we are talking pure INSANITY in our household! Wish me luck! Oh, and I forgot to mention that Nora's costume (that she has been planning since last Halloween) is STILL under construction. I better get busy!!!


katy said...

You guys look great! Tom looks like the "Romans" that hang out at the Colosseum and the Pantheon trying to persuade tourists to pay to have their picture taken with them.

I can't even believe all that you have going on. Good luck!

Anonymous said...

Great picture for your Christmas card!!!

It all looks like so much fun.

ANDREA said...

Awesome costumes. :)

Heather said...

Great costumes! Looks like a lot of fun!