Wednesday, October 28, 2009

Bring a Spider to School

One of the benefits of going to the same preschool with the same teacher is getting a double dose of the amazing, unique and wonderful activities that Mrs. Brown does with the students. I have been pleased with how Mrs. Brown keeps the main themes and day's events the same while adding a degree of structure and activities that wasn't done in the 3 year old class. So, today was one of our favorite days from last year. Bring a spider to school day. Really, how many preschool teachers do you know that would welcome and celebrate 18 spiders into the classroom? This is why we LOVE Mrs. Brown. You can check out this post from last year to be reminded of Buzz, last year's chosen spider.

Nora decided that Orby needed to stay in his rightful home at the family room window. With the current cold snap, I am thinking that Orby would have welcomed the plastic bug box as a new residence. Instead, we found this lovely guy on the porch to collect.

Have I ever mentioned that I am not really as much a bug lover as my children? But I have pushed those issues to the back burner to create my future entomologists. I have to admit that the capture of this particular spider was a huge step for me. We have had many captured bugs grace our coffee table, kitchen counter, girls' beds, car (yes, they often come on drives with us). BUT I think this is the winner for the ugliest, creepiest one yet. Oh, and Nora insisted on bringing it to our neighbor's house yesterday for PTA craft time. Miss Karin's perfectly decorated side table got the addition of a spider in a very dirty bug house:-0
Here is Nora's self portrait of herself and her spider that she made at school. Do you find it interesting that the spider is correct with 8 legs, yet Nora seems to have 20 fingers?? Mrs. Brown has done a number of activities using chalk and black construction paper. I don't know why I find it so different and more interesting than crayon but I think it is a great activity. The teacher in me wants to claim that it is better for fine motor development because the chalk has a bit more resistance but I may be totally making that up.
At school they have a cermonial release of the spiders outside the back door to allow the spiders to help catch bugs around the preschool. Just like last year, Nora would have NOTHING to do with the release of her spider so he came back home once again. We will see if he ends up in bed with her tonight.


Joanne said...

You are a good woman - yeech!!

Anonymous said...

The spiders of this world are lucky you are in it. The only thing that saves a spider that big from me is the possibility of a terrific 'squish' factor.

Loved the 8 legs and the 20 fingers. Maybe children feel as though they have 20 fingers, all in their ways as they try to do things. Hmmmm??