Thursday, September 16, 2010

Lunch Box Love Notes

Time to refill my lunch box note stash for my daily notes to Madison.
I was able to find lots of fun printables around the blogosphere. Probably should have printed some on colored paper to jazz things up a bit.
Here are links to some of my favorites:
*Love these owl ones with bookmarks and jokes. I will mount the bookmarks on cardstock and cover with packing tape (cheap version of laminating). Since Madison eats lunch in her classroom (which has always bothered me but that is another issue!) she can just put them in her desk for future use.
*Adorable gingham print notes
*It is always fun to have some thank you cards in the mix. I don't think we genuinely thank our kids for things enough so this reminds me to do just that.
*And here is a list of a ton of adorable school printables from tags to notes to cute teacher appreciation ideas.


Sara said...

Nice, Lisa! I will definitely be using some of these. Thanks!
PS. Super into owls right now, so I love those!

Amy said...

Thanks for saving me a bunch of time, you found some really cute ones!