Thursday, November 4, 2010

Thankful Banner

Today on Becky Higgins' blog she wrote about her family's Gratitude Family Project. You can see it here. I thought I would share the project that we started on Monday. Last week I was avoiding housework recalling memories from the past and discovered my Daily Thanks project from 2 years ago. This was my first attempt at a "Photo a Day" project and I took one picture each day of November for what I was thankful for. I still love going back to look at these photos. It captures a different perspective of my life, not just the faces and places but the little details.
So this year I wanted to do something similar but have it more immediately visible and something the whole family could participate in. I love having banners on our mantle so decided to create a BE THANKFUL banner. I used all my leftover pieces from the 2009 Project 365 kit to make the bigger pieces to link the ribbons together. I covered mini-clothes pins with the paper scraps and we are using the journaling cards for our thoughts. Love how this project captures adorable kindergarten writing and newly discovered third grade writing.

No big "rules" or system for this project. I am keeping the box of journaling cards and markers, pens and pencils on our dining room table. This is a good reminder at dinner to discuss our thanks and see who is planning to add to the banner that night. We can add photos, drawings, writing and more to our banner to represent what we are thankful for. Initially I thought we would take turns to add one card each day. But the girls were really excited about it and I didn't want "controlling craft mommy" to raise her evil head saying "NO it is not your turn to add a Thankful card tonight. You can not be thankful until your assigned day!" I really want this to be not about the "cute quotient" of the craft but about the meaning behind it. Madison added her own banner to go above mine and at first I cringed because it was coordinated all together. But now I love her addition and am excited to see how our banner grows and evolves over the month. At the end of the month I plan to find a way to do a scrapbook layout with the cards.

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Karin Deti said...

so sweet... Love this idea Lisa! Also, love your new blog look!