Saturday, November 20, 2010

Going to the Lodge

We had a great family get away to Great Wolf Lodge! Of course the water park was the top highlight! The girls LOVED the wave pool. I was truely amazed how comfortable they were swimming around in the crazy waves. Nora especially got tossed all around and under the water and always came up with a huge smile on her face. Thankfully, Nora cleared the height requirement by about 1/2 an inch so we were able to go on the fun big slides as a family. Again, no fear from the kids but a bit from mom. Once on the Howling Tornado was plenty for me, while Tom and Madison went on it a number of times. Nora wanted to make sure we will come back when she can go on that slide, though the way she grows it will be quite awhile!

The girls loved their own special little room complete with bunk beds and a tv. They named all the animals painted on the walls, of course.
Story time at the end of the evening was a great way to prepare for bed. They were so exhausted by this point they could barely walk back to the room.
We gave the arcade an attempt and had a bit of fun. I think the girls mostly liked collecting the tickets for prizes.
MagicQuest was a ton of fun.
Overall, it was a great trip with fun for everyone! I am sure we will be going back. So happy we went mid-week to avoid the crowds and lines. It made the experience that much better.


Amy said...

Glad you guys had fun, cute underwater pictures!

Anonymous said...

yes. Those underwater shots were super. Storytime @ a resort?? How wonderful.