Friday, April 1, 2011

April Fool's 2011

I certainly do not have a prankster personality and wouldn't think April Fool's Day would hold much interest for me. But the date is very significant in our little family's journey on where we are today (read that old post here). And then 2 years ago I did this brilliant prank on Madison.

The only problem with this prank was that Madison has expected mommy to top it. Last year I completely failed and came up with NOTHING much to her disappointment. A HUGE thank you to Dawn for saving the day for this year and giving me this idea yesterday. I would love to be in the classroom today when Noah and Madison both open up their lunches and find these pranks. It should be a big hit!!!

Fruit Cup Prank

Begin with the fruit cup cans with the pull top lids. Make sure they have flat bottoms that can be opened with a can opener.

Open the bottom of the can with the can opener and pour out contents. Rinse and dry the can. Fill the can with some treat or goodie. I packed it with tissue paper so it wouldn't rattle around and give it away. Then pack it in the lunchbox as normal. I threw in this plastic banana with a note so Madison would think that was her prank and not be expecting anything else! SUPRISE!!!!


Holly said...

So cute! I love it! Too bad I sent Cole to school today without any rememberance that it's April Fools year!

Anonymous said...

Oh, fun!!! Ron has a lot of track meets coming up....maybe, huh? Even though April Fool's will be past. Peggy