Friday, April 8, 2011

San Diego #1

We are back from a fantastic family get-away to San Diego. We packed alot into our 3 days there and it all focused on kid fun! The activities may not have been what Tom or I would choose as top vacation activities but we still had a really great time as a family. We had to remind ourselves a few times to look at things through the girls' perspective instead of ours. It was great to see their joy over some of the more simple things. Like when Grandma Margie asked what her favorite part of the trip was, Madison answered, "Feeding the ducks, birds and fish." Though that does make us wonder why we bothered with huge admission fees to the big attractions:-)

Our hotel location was perfect. Practically right across the street from Sea World and minutes from the airport, yet you felt you were on a tropical island away from the rest of the world. The girls were thrilled with walking along the paths, climbing the lookout tower, swimming in the pool all three days (even when it was barely 60 degrees out one of those days), having breakfast outside next to the water with a night crowned heron for company and having smores on the beach for dessert.


ANDREA said...

Looks so fun! You guys were lucky to leave the rain.

Amy said...

Glad you guys had a great trip! I was thinking about you back here in the miserable weather:)

Anonymous said...

Looks grand!! Madison's hair is getting so long. What is it about doing something on the beach (or close to it) that Is so special?? That's quite a s'mores pit. Peggy