Saturday, April 16, 2011

Blue Bunnies

Ski Bunnies that is!! Today we went up for our final day of the winter ski season at Crystal Mountain. It is truely unbelievable the progress the girls have made this season from being non-skiers to today conquering some blue level runs on the mountain!! I really doubted it could be done without formal lessons, but they are champs! They battled through rain, snow, wind and cold this year but were always troopers saying they wanted to keep trying. I was really impressed with their determination and courage. We lost count of how many times we made it up this year but know the girls were skiing over 8 times. Gotta love Kids Ski Free at Crystal!!

All ready looking forward to next year's season. Of course, with the amount of snow still on the mountain we may be up doing some spring skiing in the month of May!

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Anonymous said...

What neat things your girls get to experience: San Diego, beach & Sea World one week and mountains and skiing the next. Marvelous. Peggy