Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Sea World Fun

Day one in San Diego was a beautiful, sunny 70 degree day. The best weather day we had out of the 3 full days we were there. After having a lovely breakfast on the water we made our way to SeaWorld for a full day of fun, fun, fun!! I think the highlight for the girls was the shows. You would think that this guy was the favorite
But the girls favored the silly "Sea Lions Live" show instead. And the Blue Horizon Dolphin show was quite amazing. It was full of amazing dolphin and pilot whale tricks, along with acrobats, divers and other performers. A true theatric event. We went to that one twice in the same day. We went on the "Journey to Atlantis" ride, which was a bit scary for me but I think the rest of the family enjoyed it! And we got DRENCHED on the Shipwreck Rapids ride and spent the rest of the day trying to dry off.

And then we did ALOT of walking all around checking out the animal exhibits and smaller rides and entertainment. After 8 full hours we decided to head back to the hotel. The girls woke up on day two and decided instead of going somewhere new, they wanted to return to Sea World for more fun. We had a multi-day pass so it "saved" money on paying admission somewhere new and this trip was letting the girls be in charge so away we went and spent another full 5+ hours. We returned to the SeaLion show and also caught the impressive pet show that we missed the day before. Tom and the girls braved the Journey to Atlantis ride again. We also splurged and got to feed and pet the dolphins.
Overall, we had a wonderful and eventful two days at Sea World. My very first experience at a Amusement Park in my entire life:-) Still not sure if I am ready for DisneyLand but it was a great experience.


Anonymous said...

What fun. We really enjoyed it 23 years ago. Loved the looks on the girls faces.

Anonymous said...

Oh, he beat me to the comments. That's exactly what I was going to say. The shows were so amazing when we were there. Getting to feed and pet a dolphin, WOW!
Hugs to all of you. Peggy