Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Fun with Filters

Nora is home sick today, the first sick day of the school year for her (or either kid for that matter!). After way too much tv time we had to find something else to do so pulled out the coffee filters. Since the only time they get used for their true purpose is when Grandma and Grandpa Kimmet come to visit, we usually find all sorts of other uses for them. We were able to kill a good hour of quiet time making creations while listening to Geronimo Stilton audiobooks on ITunes.

First we made snowflakes and painted them with watercolors.

On other filters we used washable markers to make dots, blobs and other shapes. Then used an eyedropper to add water drops to the colors to have them spread together.

A fun project you may want to save up for some of those rainy days in our future! Poor Nora went and curled up between the couch and the wall on the heat vent with her blankets and fell asleep. You know your child is sick when they fall asleep in the middle of the day in very odd places! At least she is getting some rest.


ANDREA said...

my girls would love this. :) Get well soon Nora!

Anonymous said...

Poor little sweetie! I guess she figures if a warm vent is good enough for Mercedes, it will work for her, too. Peggy